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"- When did you break up? - Last year for the second time.
We broke up first the year before.
You broke up twice. Way to go.
We hadn’t sufficiently hurt each other enough the first time.
We definitely took care of business this time because he moved in.
We had the merging of things, the dividing of things.
The things left that you don’t want to give back because that’s mean.
You don’t want to throw them away. lt’s all you have left.
lt’s harder as we get older. We’re not dating wildly inappropriate people.
There’s no, ”Glad that’s over.”
After every break-up, l tell myself l’m never doing this again.
lt’s too hard. How many of these things can one survive?"

- Carrie, Sex And The City (I Love a Charade)


you know that feeling when nothing’s wrong but nothing’s right either

Talking is for people who have something in common.

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